Spring Fertiliser

Spring Fertiliser

Spring is a great time of year. The spring flowers and blossom on the trees, simply beautiful. Spring is the best time of the year lawn care treatment to plan for the year ahead, as your lawn will be in need some much needed TLC.  Your lawn will always need an application of a spring fertiliser to replenish nutrients. washed through the soil over winter.  A spring fertiliser will stimulate new growth and improve it’s colour.

Using our specially designed fertiliser with additional nutrients, nutrients will slowly be released to match the needs of your lawn to ensure a steady, but not excessive growth, whilst at the same time improving its colour to a healthy green.


The best lawn care feed to use in the spring is a high nitrogen feed that will stimulate growth in your lawn in a control and balanced way, as well as starting to make the grass look lush and green!


We start applying the spring fertiliser from the end of February/ the beginning of March weather dependent.

We also apply a Weed Control treatment, but this is carried out as a separate “sprayed” treatment, as this will always give better results, versus weed and feed granules purchased from a garden centre.

Give your lawn a treat and enjoy amazing results within a short time. Imagine the pleasure of sitting appreciating a beautiful, healthy lawn and garden. Your garden is the finishing touch to your lovely home. Ensure you enjoy it to the maximum.

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